Tiger Lily Montessori School accepts applications for admissions on a rolling basis. Please see the steps for enrollment below.

 Attend a Parent Information Session

The application process begins with attending a Parent Information Session where you will learn about Tiger Lily Montessori School and its participation in the Wildflower Network. These information sessions are offered monthly. Please email us for dates of upcoming info sessions.

Fill Out a Parent Information Form

Thank you for your interest in Tiger Lily. If you are interested in scheduling an observation please fill out this parent information form. Forms can be emailed to Brittney directly: info@tigerlilymontessori.org

Fill Out an Application

Please fill out our online application.

Observe in Tiger Lily

The best way to gain awareness about Montessori is to see it in action by observing in Tiger Lily during the children’s work  period. Please email us in to set up an observation.

Meet with Tiger Lily’s Teacher-Leaders

We look forward to meeting you after your observation. Talking with the Teacher-Leaders about your observation and any questions will facilitate your understanding of Montessori and Tiger Lily. Following completion of your application, you will receive instructions for scheduling your parent/teacher-leader conversation by email.